#LiveLoveAndBe Campaign

"Live LAB With Me" is a social impact initiative created to connect the community to arts and wellness practices. It serves as a community outreach tool to help people experiment with creative thinking and healing through art. It stands for Live Love-And-Be.

This initiative Live LAB With Me shines a light on the ways in which we can heal by tapping into our creative power. When we create spaces that are powered by the arts, we then create the perfect opportunity to regenerate the mind, body, and spirit. I've been able to see success in sharing and implementing workshops for Buffalo State College, Community Health Center of Buffalo, and Tops Friendly Markets. These sessions highlighted different modalities of art including but not limited to music, movement, drawing, writing, poetry, and story telling. I am determined to continue to bring a wave of awareness in redefining art and how we use it to navigate through life.

Live LAB. serves as an acronym of a mantra and movement; an inspiration and guide to seek out what it truly means to "Live, Love, AND Be." That is why I am launching the #LiveLoveAndBe campaign. This campaign will consist of a Live LAB pop up series and a short documentary. Using these three principles: "Live Love and Be", we will define and bring value to these words that ultimately shape our lives. Simply asking What does it mean to live, to love, and to be. I will engage participates through a unique journey of self exploration and expression. We will share how to use art to for self and communal care to regenerate healthy spaces within the mind/body/spirit.

By highlighting artists across different disciplines and delving into their creative process, I beckon to join in on cultivating a personal creative art space and practice. This initiative is timely and important because art helps us to explain the unexplainable, explore our identity, and build healthy relationships in both communal and personal settings. There is an artist in all of us, we must tap in, ignite the power, to LIVE LOVE AND BE.

Ֆինանսավորված Buffalo, NY կողմից (December 2022)