Community Cob Pizza Oven

In 2021, CGC was awarded the contract to take over the operation of the Community Cob Pizza Oven located in a downtown Duncan community park. The oven was previously managed by another non-profit but they were no longer able to take care of it. Subsequently, the oven was vandalized and therefore the City of Duncan had to complete extensive repairs which have now been completed.

The amazing oven is now available to use - CGC has started the planning for offering community events but also we want to offer a 'free' pizza night to street-entrenched youth in our community. The park is frequented by homeless youth so we want to bring the food to them as opposed to having youth try to locate meals or go to the food bank which is not really welcoming to youth and is not open in the evenings.

CGC already works with Island Health, we provide 15 homeless meals during weekday evenings this would be an extension of this program as well.

Duncan has the unsavory distinction of having some of the highest child poverty in BC. We feel offering an alternative way to receive nutritious, healthy, and delicious food will help support those community members who are food and housing insecure.

Ֆինանսավորված Awesome Without Borders կողմից (December 2022)