The Workers' Mural at the Cape Ann Chamber

Awesome Gloucester and Awesome Rockport joined forces and partnered with Studio Fresh and the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce to create original public art to honor the legacy of workers who have made a living in iconic local jobs that define the local economies and communities of Gloucester, Rockport, Essex, Ipswich, and Manchester. The mural depicts images of fishermen, quarry workers, artists, clammers, boat builders, and hayers of the Great Marsh. .

The mural is located on the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce building on Harbor Loop in Gloucester.

In addition to grant money contributed by both Awesome Gloucester' and Awesome Gloucester, additional funds were contributed by the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce and from Trustees of the Awesome Foundation who elected to make contributions. In total these groups and individuals raised and kicked in $8100 to make the mural a reality.

Ֆինանսավորված Gloucester, MA կողմից (September 2022)