The Ladies Laugh-In Hosts Blogologues!


As two female co-creators of a comedy project and Co-Creative Directors of a nonprofit theater company in New York City, Allison Goldberg and Jen Jamula firmly believe in the power of female leadership, and the ways that public speaking, charisma, and comedic skills play into leadership roles. Through their flagship project, Blogologues, they “perform the internet,” bringing to life to voices across the blogosphere. We think the Blogologues’ focus on “resocializing social media” will speak to the students. We’re very excited that Blogologues co-creators Jen and Allison have agreed to bring their signature blend of smarts, sass and side-splitting humor to a two hour workshop with the Ladies Laugh-In.

Students will learn skills related to performing, comedy, public speaking and thinking “outside the box. Skills to use both on the stage and in presentations, speech-making, and developing the confidence to “lean in.”


The Ladies Laugh-In is looking to expand its impact beyond our campus. Ladies Laugh-In founder, English teacher CC Robinson is in the process of curating a collection of blog entries for a massive archive of female comedy, with thoughtful commentary from a range of voices, to be housed online at The current website is a placeholder; the next incarnation will be a more dynamic experience. The will also be a social media site for networking and resource sharing among funny ladies, lads, and anyone using improv with girls ages 5 to 25. Visitors to the site will find tailor-made playlists of comedy with commentary. Five minutes of video. A paragraph of commentary. A good laugh and the beginnings of great conversation.

This very young project would benefit from consulting with two entrepreneurs so well-acquainted with comedy by and about the world wide web!

Ֆինանսավորված Awesome Without Borders կողմից (May 2013)