Summer Fun for SEND Families

We would like to give our eco-friendly, fun learning Unplugged boxes designed by local university student volunteers, artists and craftspeople to SEND families to use over the summer.

Although this post-lockdown summer, free face-to-face activities are available to many, there is little to no free at-home provision for parents/ carers. This has been flagged by our partner The Positivitree as a problem for SEND families, whose health, mental and emotional needs may prevent them from participating in larger groups.

We'd like to include them in summer fun in a joyous way. We've asked parents at the Positivitree if they'd benefit from a box, and 30 children signed up in one day. Families have chosen the box they want from topics like the Caribbean, FairyTroll World, Engineering Around the World, Japan and the Ancient World to suit their child's interests.

Our materials provide over 10 hours of activities, from cooking to crafting, games to physical fun and are designed by student experts. They have been reviewed by SEND families and experts on the Wirral: Poppy Cain, SEND Youth Engagement Officer for Wirral Council said: "I think the boxes are amazing and such a clever way of getting children, young people and their families to come together. The boxes are so fun, and the themes are so creative, interactive and allow children and young people to use their imagination whilst learning about different cultures or imaginative worlds. The children and young people I work with say the boxes are so much fun and gives them a chance to spend time with their parent/carers. Whilst supporting some of our most vulnerable and low-income families in the community with the opportunity to get onboard and have a great time with an unplugged box. "

Ֆինանսավորված Liverpool կողմից (July 2022)