Proudly BlacknScottish

BEES (Black Ethnic Excellence Scotland) productions is a social enterprise that centers around curating experiences that celebrate the accomplishments of the black community in Scotland, from the intellectual to the highly artistic, our aim is to highlight, honor, and encourage the growth of every black individual in Scotland, in hopes to inspire and to cultivate a culture of excellence.

Homegrown in Glasgow, Scotland, Bees Productions is a newly founded scaling agency that seeks to create curated experiences for community, clients, and partner relationships to help transform the experiential landscape and creative footprint within the Black communities in Scotland. Through our various backgrounds and experiences, we aim to provide authentic, creative solutions to help enhance creative visions for the disadvantaged, and address the lack of diversity, and social inequality in Scotland. Our compact autonomy, and first-hand experience with racial discrimination, and inequality not only make us the perfect team to carry out these activities, but also put us in a strong position within the Black community, and we take that seriously.

Proudly Black and Scottish is a research and development project that has been curated with the aim of generating activities that fill the cultural gap in the entertainment/creative sector, particularly for the Afro-Caribbean diaspora community in Scotland. This will be achieved by providing specific opportunities for black creative individuals through medium-scale events including upskilling prospects with the project team, showcasing potentials as part of the events line up, “fringe” presentations, creative pop-ups, awards/networking gala, music concert, and action/creative planning sessions as part of the events.

This will be achieved by engaging in ongoing contact with the black community supported by a permanent online platform providing a digital safe space for networking, workshops, forums, and project development.

Ֆինանսավորված Glasgow կողմից (August 2022)