Dance / Drill Team Uniform Closet

Greetings !

My name is Ms. West and I co- sponsor a majorette and flag girl (drill team ) team with sponsor Ms. Davis at Renaissance High School in Detroit Michigan. This is our first year as sponsors with a goal of bringing our HBCU dance experiences to our Hometown and young ladies of Detroit , Michigan . Both graduates of Jackson State University almost 10 years apart Ms. Davis and we’re brought together for our love of HBCU majorette style dancing . Ms. Davis an alumni Prancing Jsette was sought out by me to help use her exceptional dance skills as a Coach for the newly open position as Renaissance high School. In August we began our journey with a wonderful group of young ladies without the school owning any uniforms for the drill team. Starting off with a small budget under $500 we purchased our first set of uniforms via Amazon and not a reputable band site due to lack of funds and honoring financial hardship during the pandemic of our parents . We are in dire need of finical assistance to cover the cost of quality , creative uniforms to last at Rennasaince High School for years to come beyond our first team.

Ֆինանսավորված Ann Arbor, MI կողմից (January 2022)