Movin' On In

Our project, Movin' on In, will kick off with refreshments and a word from the Mayor of Grand Rapids. Movin’ on In will promote efforts to end homelessness and raise awareness of local challenges in attaining affordable housing. We extend an open, inclusive invitation to the community to learn and participate in an activity concerning housing related issues. The activity provides participants with a hands-on opportunity to broaden understandings of homelessness and housing. The housing simulation allows participants to play the role of a homeless individual in need of housing. Each role includes circumstantial details and participants attempt to attain housing during four simulated days. After the simulation, a debriefing session lead by a housing specialist will provide opportunities for discussion. Afterwards, participants will assemble “new home starter kits” in laundry baskets for newly housed families. We will conclude with a speaker from our AmeriCorps program that will share how members are serving their community.

This project is new, green, so fresh and so clean. Movin’ on In is a unique effort of collaboration, education, direct service and active participation. It is also so nice. Homelessness is not awesome, but feeling at home is. Movin’ on In promotes housing knowledge and provides clients with items to increase the awesomeness of a new home. Housing challenges are not funny, but we do hope to share a few laughs with participants. We will raise awareness and provide opportunity to make a difference. Increased awareness inspires the awesomeness required to end homelessness. Wow. Receiving the grant will greatly influence awesomeness. The more money used for kits, the greater difference made. Movin’ on In is chock full o’ bang, not much buck. Providing household items for clients alleviates housing costs. It is our intention to repeat the event so that Movin’ on In will encourage community members to be active problem solvers concerning housing issues.

Ֆինանսավորված Grand Rapids, MI կողմից (May 2013)