STEM Mentorship Power Lunch

The AwesomePVD Trustees voted to award this awesome project with our first micro-grant. Congrats to the “STEM Mentor Power Lunch” project.


STEM Professionals from Care New England and other STEM companies (mentors) in the community would have lunch with upper elementary students grade 3-5 for 6-8 weeks. Professionals would meet with a group of two students. The mentors would discuss topics from Dr. Moseley’s book Playbook to Success. At the end of the program, a White Coat or STEM Leader ceremony would be held to celebrate student participation and learning. At the ceremony, students will share what they have learned by being in the program and will also thank their mentor. The students will also be given a pre and post-test focusing on STEM careers and 21 Century Skills. Other topics that will be covered in the program are the Power of Financial Literacy and the Value of Healthy Eating.

We chose this project because of its proposed impact on youth of color. The project is tackling mentorship, education, career exploration that could lead to a positive change to their economic future.

Ֆինանսավորված Providence, RI կողմից (May 2021)