Ponawi Yarning

Ponawi Yarning uses video to record Ngarrindjeri cultural stories shared during traditional activities. Ponawi is a Ngarrindjeri word for 'death.

This word is rarely uttered because of its meaning, and in the Indigenous community, the passing of many Elders affects the whole community. In this case, some Ngarrindjeri community members experience losing someone who felt isolated and often, mental stress follows.

The Ponawi Yarning hopes to provide continuing support to affected families through creative social engagement and community gathering. Cultural activities like the Ngarrindjeri weaving and feather flower art-making will alleviate the loneliness and yarning during creative gathering provide a space for shared storytelling. Ponawi Yarning aims to provide creative gathering activities to Ngarrindjeri Elders who have lost their closest family members and their family. Weaving and Feather flower art-making hope to alleviate the loneliness and isolation and provide a shared space for healing and to deal with ponawi.

This is a way of connecting the Elders and their family back to the land, with the outcome to support the mind. This activity allows Elders who are at the end of their life to pass on their traditional knowledge of Ngarrindjeri weaving and feather flower artmaking to future knowledge keepers.

Ֆինանսավորված Adelaide կողմից (May 2021)