Newburgh Farmers' Market Food Access

Common Ground Farm has stewarded the Newburgh Farmers' Market at the centrally located Safe Harbors Green, on the corners of Broadway and Liberty Streets in Newburgh since 2017. The Newburgh Farmers' Market Food Access (NFMFA) project will increase fresh food access to the most vulnerable people living in the City of Newburgh and will support farmers participating in the Newburgh Farmers' Market. The NFMFA will create opportunities for low income residents to be able to participate in the market, while ensuring that market vendors are supported while participating in a young but growing market. The NFMFA project will help us to grow Greens4Greens, a community funded coupon program that doubles the purchasing power of people using food benefits at the market. In addition, we will use NFMFA funds to provide farmers with a stipend at the end of each market to help cover any losses in wasted food. In exchange for the stipend, farmers will donate their unsold produce that will be delivered to local soup kitchens.

Ֆինանսավորված Newburgh, NY կողմից (April 2021)