Next Chapter

The Next Chapter book program showcasing inclusion & kindness in the classroom. Our objective is to use books to bring inclusion and kindness to life in the classroom. The program provides students direct access to volunteers with disabilities all in a safe place to learn and ask what life is like when using a wheelchair as a main source of mobility.

Through our experience we have learned that when children are curious about people with disabilities; adults are unsure where to start the conversation. We would like to bridge that gap through this book program. Our biggest hope is to highlight that being different is normal. We chose to use books with this program because we also want to encourage the thought that reading can be fun. A positive experience with books can help motivate a love for literature.

A sample of a classroom visit goes as follows:
-- Prior to the visit, TWF provides a packet for the teachers so they can prepare the class on what it means to be paralyzed/have a disability and discuss “The Golden Rule” (treating everyone with kindness), provide sample questions to help guide showcase that during the Q & A that no question is off limits, we also provide a short video from our volunteers saying they are excited to meet the students in order to create a buzz prior to the visit
-- Introduction: Volunteer gets introduced; they share a little about themselves to the class
-- Book Reading: Books get handed out and we read aloud together. After reading, class talks about their thoughts on the book.
-- Question and Answer session: Students get to ask questions to TeamTWF volunteer

Ֆինանսավորված Miami, FL կողմից (May 2021)