Juneteenth For Joy

Juneteenth for Joy is an day-long, unapologetic celebration of Black joy, which I believe is a true sign of our freedom. I launched it last year in response to my own need to reclaim a safe space during the height of Covid where I didn't have to: 1) teach anyone (I'm a public school teacher); 2) listen to another recital of Black trauma and/or death; while 3) I gave my people a new way to look at the possibilities of Black life. I wanted to dream together what our lives will be when the world becomes what we've been fighting for.

Here's what happened last year, and what I need the funding for. We opened with a facilitated Meditation from Shelah Marie, then progressed to an hour of uplifting music from Mr. Alexander Star. That was followed by a panel on Black education futures featuring fellow educator Shanett Dean and Dr. Michelle Wiltshire, a tech founder and designer. Then we had a comedy set from the Black Improv Alliance, and self-care practices that included recipes and virtual bodywork. The event was closed with a video from La'Vender Freddy: "There Are Black People in The Future".

All the content was given to me as a favor because of my relationship with the creators.

It was so well-received, I was asked to do it again.

Ֆինանսավորված Miami, FL կողմից (April 2021)