Arts Revitalization of Toledo

The Arts Revitalization of Toledo (ART) is an initiative launched by the City of Toledo and supported by local businesses, non-profits, the County and other stakeholders who are dedicated to revitalizing downtown to serve the needs of current residents and to breathe new life into Toledo’s Main Street.

The Initiative is driven by the ART Committee, whose members include: the Timbers Restaurant and Lounge; Crow’s Nest Gallery; Port of Toledo; the Economic Development Alliance of Lincoln County; Yaquina Pacific Railroad Historical Society; Yaquina River Museum of Art; Oregon Coast Visitors Association, local artists; Toledo High School; Toledo Chamber of Commerce, Bank of the West, members of the community, and more.

The ART Committee is starting their efforts by launching two main projects: Phantom Galleries and a new Mural Program.

Phantom Galleries are small, temporary art galleries created in vacant storefronts to allow visitors to enjoy the works of local and regional artists in a COVID-safe environment. The galleries will not only enliven Toledo’s Main Street but will also showcase available street-level storefronts that are ripe for new business development.

The Mural Program will feature a community-made mural, some permanent murals on Main Street and at key entry-points to downtown, and some "movable" or temporary murals that will be eventually auctioned off to help fund the program.

Ֆինանսավորված Awesome Without Borders կողմից (May 2021)