Beyond Boogie

Boyond Boogie is a online festival, that will be tackling the on going issue of illegal raves. It will be streamed over all social media platforms for free, the event will also be aired on KCC Live on the 1st May 2021. This event will be raising awareness for BLM, Domestic Violence, Knife crime and suicide prevention. These are on going issues in our society as a young boy was recently stabbed in my local community due to the colour of his skin and we want to try and raise awareness to young people that this isn’t acceptable on any forms, we also have seen a massive increase in suicides in young people during the global pandemic, that has a huge impact on me and my colleagues. Beyond Boogie is being put on to bring excitement, happiness and spread positivity through the sounds of music. There will be a variety of music such as Indie, house, dIsco, dance, R&B and punk rock, which will tackle all peoples genres of music.

Ֆինանսավորված Liverpool կողմից (February 2021)