Free Community Guitar Class

I live in a community with a high representation of low-income families and this spring I began a gofund me to bring music into the homes of some of the children in this neighborhood. Through the help of many friends and family I was able achieve the goal of purchasing guitars for all the children interested and began teaching a weekly guitar class. These had been taking place outdoors in front of my home in order to comply with CDC guidelines by social distancing. Since the warm days are at a close I've had to stop teaching the class. I discovered that the Boalsburg firehouse does have a community room which would be large enough to host us but the cost to rent it is $25 an hour. Since I have two 1-hour classes, that amounts to $50 a week. I no longer have the funds available from the gofund me and I'm asking for help in order to continue with the good progress being made by these wonderful kids who are disappointed with the discontinuation of the class. I'd like to surprise them with the news that the class can continue just a hop, skip, and a jump away from our complex. I had heard in the past, you've looked to fund projects such as this and I'm hoping that you can help us out. Thank you.

Ֆինանսավորված State College, PA կողմից (January 2021)