Colored Girls Bike Too

Colored Girls Bike Too encourages Black Women & Black GNC people to use bike commuting as Alternative/Affordable Transport, a tool of Empowerment, Activism, Visibility, Physical & Mental Health.

Colored Girls Bike Too (CGBT) is a radical cycling organization founded in 2017. The organization focuses on Black women (cisgender and transgender) and Gender nonconforming people (GNC) because we all face similar issues regarding patriarchy and misogynoir.

The CGBT name is as radical as its mission. We chose to reclaim the term “colored” in the radical tradition of reclaiming what was once used to limit and shame. This is fitting since CGBT is about freedom, pride, and visibility. CGBT group rides are empowering. They allow Black women and Black GNC people to take to the streets en masse, taking up space in the Buffalo cycling community both literally and figuratively.

Group members are engaged in various forms of activism that intersect with cycling including transportation equity, advocating for LGBTQIA+ issues, delivering food to vulnerable community members during quarantine, and providing free bikes to Black women/Black GNC people in need. CGBT outreach methods continue to evolve regarding community outreach efforts.
CGBT rides take place monthly and they typically have a specific theme. Although we welcome community support, the rides, and all CGBT events, are specific to Black women and Black GNC people to ensure a safe and liberating space.

We will use the money to invest in our current program called the 'Bike Plug Program' to provide Black women and Black GNC people with bikes and other bike equipment. Additionally, because we are a developing organization, we will use the money to further establish CGBT as an official 501c3 so that we can expand our reach and impact.

Ֆինանսավորված Buffalo, NY կողմից (December 2020)