The Queer Choir

The Queer Choir (QC) is an ensemble of 20 queer and trans singers from diverse backgrounds with varied musical experiences and voice types. QC encompasses two main programs: QC rehearsals and performances, and Community Open Sing. We hold bi-weekly rehearsals and perform 2-3 times per season. Open Sing is a free, low-commitment monthly event that we host for the local queer and trans community. Through this event, we foster a creating, learning and healing space for the broader queer and trans community to come together through song. Our choir creates an accessible and welcoming space where we can musically challenge ourselves and other choir members, and share skills.

Each member is asked to contribute to the operations of the choir by actively participating in leadership roles that are essential for the bi-weekly functioning of the choir. Roles range from section leaders, who serve as the liaison between musical directors and section members, to Open Sing coordinators, who facilitate community singing events. This collaborative approach establishes each of us as an essential part of the group. Additionally, this approach requires that we continue to practice accessibility and work toward developing anti-oppressive, anti-racist, collectively-run community work. Part of this work includes offering auditory learning options through recorded audio tracks. During our bi-weekly meetings, we use our time together to engage in many kinds of learning, from music theory to community harm reduction. One of our core commitments is to serve and sing with people of varied musical experiences, and this begins by creating an welcoming and inclusive environment for singers from varied backgrounds and identities.

Ֆինանսավորված Oakland, CA կողմից (August 2020)