South Bend Code School Coding Portal

Five years ago South Bend Code School (SBCS) was founded to combat the technology skills gap at the earliest level by reforming technology education and making learning skills in coding and computer science accessible to students from all walks of life. Our mission is important now more than ever. COVID-19 has impacted families all across the world, changing how we live our daily lives. But it does not have to impact how we as families, students, and educators learn.

South Bend Code School recognizes the impact that the closure of schools and after-school programs have left on our community in the South Bend - Elkhart Region. We want to provide a free resource available to not only families but to educators as well.

For students and families, SBCS will be creating FREE, in-depth, comprehensive video coding tutorials. Tutorials will cover project-based learning for everything from basic coding blocks, to Python programming and Web-development (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript). Tutorials will be taught by South Bend Code School instructors who already have a proven track record of success in students retaining and excelling in their technology education. We have heard from many of our students that existing coding tutorials are either not challenging enough or are challenging but do not provide enough guidance for a young learner to be self-taught. Our goal is to help bridge the gap for online learners by creating a friendly and comprehensive learning environment. We will provide an environment online where students and families can interact with our instructors and have the ability to ask questions when they are stuck on a problem and share their accomplishments. We not only want to engage students in technology education but we want to assure that parents have an opportunity to engage with their child’s learning.

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