Avenel's Awesome Cubby House!

Dinosaur! As far as our children are concerned, our cubby house was positively prehistoric. Built in the early 80s (ancient!) this cubby had seen generations of children pass through its walls. A number of the current children's parents have fond memories of playing in the cubby house.

Unfortunately, early February saw an enormous windstorm strike our township, and our cubby house, already held together with more than 30 years of repairs, was damaged beyond repair and had to be removed, leaving our children heartbroken, and our already under-resourced kindergarten yard looking as empty as the paddock next door (minus the sheep, of course!).

We are firm believers in the capability of children as risk-takers and change-makers. For rural children, opportunities to experience art are few and far between. Opportunities to create child-led, large scale art are even less common. We would like to work in collaboration with local builders, artist, our families and most importantly, our children, to design the best cubby ever!

We want a play space that reflects our local community-vibrant, colourful and accessible to all. As our kindergarten houses Maternal & Child Health and a supported playgroup, our cubby house would be used by the whole community as they grow, learn and develop.

Ֆինանսավորված Melbourne կողմից (April 2020)