RISE Program

The RISE Program targets students who are at-risk of dropping out or not graduating. The goal of the program is to help these students’ develop goals for the future, increase their self-advocacy skills, and link them to resources that allow progression towards achieving success. Activities are centered on connection to school and community, post-high school employment or education options, employability skills, life skills, social skills, and knowledge of available supportive resources.
Program time with students will occur individually and in small groups during and after the school day; winter break and summer break.

RISE stands for:
R- Root students to their schools and community by helping identify trusted adults, peers, and community supports.

I- Instill self-confidence and self-worth with a desire and skills to succeed.

S- Strengthen students’ ability to self-advocate along with building their knowledge of available resources.

E- Encourage students to reach their potential by helping them to meet academic and life goals in manageable increments.

Funds will be used to provide food, snacks and coffee during the time the facilitator is working with students' individually or as a group. Access to food is an incentive for students’ initial engagement. Our hope is that the food items help build rapport while also creating a sense of safety because some of their basic foods needs can be met.

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