Community Paint by Number Mural

I don't really know my neighbors and that's a problem. I don't mean the people that live across the hall or in the building next door, but rather neighbors in the greater Capitol Hill neighborhood. I think that this is a problem for most of the people that live in cities and I want to help fix it. I want to paint a community paint-by-number mural in Capitol Hill to encourage people to get outside, meet strangers, and each contribute to a cool art project.

Myself and an artist would paint the white/black outline of a paint by number mural and then later that day we will invite strangers in the community to help paint in the colors. Each volunteer would be handed a brush and a cup of paint that corresponds to a specific number on the wall. At the end of the day, everyone who participates will have met some cool new people and contributed to a mural in their community with their community.

I have been working with Urban Artworks ( to help coordinate painting the mural and as well obtaining any permits and finalizing any insurance issues.

The Capitol Club at 414 East Pine Street has agreed to allow me to paint the mural on the side of their building. They have also offered to pay the costs to have an artist design and paint the outline of the mural.

Ֆինանսավորված Seattle, WA կողմից (August 2012)