VIsION AI Glasses for the Blind

• What Are VIsION AI Glasses for the Blind?
† It's an open source, DIY (do it yourself) device;
† It’s a pair of 3D printed sunglasses with electronic components; and
† It’s powered by machine learning, deep learning and the freeware
SeeingWithSound© vOICe sensory substitution algo …

• What Can It Do?
† Audible Descriptions of Visual Scenes & Objects in Front of the User;
† Reads out text in physical objects like books and signboards;
† 3D Soundscape for "Visual" Interpretation of Scenes & Objects
Through SeeingWithSound© vOICe Freeware & Bone-Conduction Speakers;
† Audible & Haptic Feedback of Distance-Sensing Capabilities (Up to 20 Feet);
† Audible Info of Object Locations;
† On-Demand Manual Visual Assistance via Video Call Access to User's
Peers & Remote Team of Sighted PWD Agents;
† Real Time, Audible Turn-by-Turn GPS Location Data (currently being improved);
† Serves as Accessible Productivity Computer;
† Works Offline & Online; and
† Open Source, DIY, Fully Customizable, Extensible & Hackable …

• Who Is It For?
† Children, adults and seniors with varying levels of visual impairment; and
† Their sighted parents, peers and children, along with grassroots
communities of independent developers and DIY makers, other PWDs,
disability advocates and Government offices, entrepreneurs and
business networks, academic and social organizations, public and
private institutions …

• What's My MISSION?
† To create innovative assistive technologies that anyone can build,
customize and distribute on their own …

• What's My Long Term Goal?
† To build organic networks of DIY producers and start-up
entrepreneurs across grassroots communities of persons with
disabilities, (PWDs) and disability advocates …

Preliminary 3D Printed Prototype in Action (Oct 2019):
Github Repository:

Raw Hardware Prototype (Apr 2019):
Proof of Concept Software Prototype (Sept 2017):

What our grantee is saying: "Because of this award, I'll finally be able to significantly improve and publish as freely accessible content the overall design materials of my prototype! I'll also be able to promote my Github repo and reach lots of blind and visually impaired persons, their parents and peers all around the world. My hope is for many of them to start building, customizing, distributing and adapting from this technology for their own personal needs, social objectives and entrepreneurial goals.
Plus, this award will allow me to produce an optimized prototype. For collaborative improvement and support, I can then present this across my partner grassroots networks of independent developers and DIY makers, other persons with disabilities, and also to Government offices and disability advocates, entrepreneurs and business communities, academic and social organizations.
Thanks to Awesome Foundation and the Awesome Disability Chapter for this REALLY AWESOME opportunity!"

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