Skystone Robot

We are a team of 5th-8th graders working to design,build, and program a robot to compete in the First Tech Challenge. We all love this team and love robotics. We love telling other students about what we do from the building of the robots to the programming! This years challenge is to create a robot that is able drive under a bridge, pick up blocks bring them to a work site and stack them on top of each other building a structure or tower. Last year was first year as a team and we hope to make an amazing robot capable of solving many of this years challenges! We work really hard on our projects and this year we hope to make it to the FTC championship. Despite all of the hard work we all put in buying parts for the robots costs money and we make our own parts where we can.

Ֆինանսավորված Rochester, NY կողմից (November 2019)