After The Storm

The mission of our non-profit, My Little Horse Listener, Inc., is to use the healing power of small equines to support positive social, emotional and behavioral learning for youth whose joy has been disrupted by crisis and trauma. After the Storm is one of our ranch-based programs for women and children survivors of domestic violence.

In collaboration with a therapist, participants engage in structured activities with our equines that are relevant to meet the unique needs of families recovering from violence, such as rebuilding trust, strengthening parent/child relationships, and re-introducing the experience of peace, quiet and calmness.

Within the context of the unique partnership between children and these equines, young people can learn and incorporate the critical relationship skills that have been disrupted by the negativity of their past. Equines can teach qualities such as limit setting, the importance of offering and expecting respectful behavior, how to earn trust, and for many, remembering how to smile and laugh again.

We will hire an additional experienced equine handler who is knowledgeable about equine assisted learning and has a background in trauma counseling. Our organization will be able to bring three additional families to our ranch who can benefit from equine assisted learning. The weekly visits will last for one hour for each family.

These equines have the gifts of friendship and wisdom to offer.

Ֆինանսավորված Santa Fe, NM կողմից (March 2020)

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