Omani & Tabby Day

On August 17,2019 we will be hosting a birthday celebration with the community in the honor of Tabbitha and Omani who were gunned down at a Halloween party on Oct 30,2016. The girls birthday were a day apart Omani’s August 14 and Tabbitha on the 15th. That day, we will be serving free food, bounce houses, games, music and entertainment for all. We will also have games that people will need to interact with others, to build trust and team strategy.

Omani & Tabby Day is a celebration for the girls birthdays. It is a event to bring awareness to our community about gun violence, bullying, and mental illness. We also want to bring our adults, children, teens, police officers and city officials together in one space interacting with one another with different games we have during this event. We will have resources available like Teen Newburgh, Planned parenthood and safe homes.

We just want to show our community love and that love was Omani and Tabbitha. Thank you

Ֆինանսավորված Newburgh, NY կողմից (July 2019)