We All Eat: Neighbors Feeding Neighbors

"We All Eat" is a creative food access project fusing youth maker training and employment, living produce, and the introduction/access to new food choices. The project takes place within Every Day's a Sunday Cafe in Garfield.

Through the support of Bridgeway Capital, Sustainable Pittsburgh, and other community partners, a soiless vertical growing system capable of growing 100 plants is being installed on a wall inside the restaurant this spring. With a selection of microgreens and herbs also maintained in-house, we are installing a living salad bar and smoothie concept fueled by a local urban greenhouse.

Although plants growing on the wall is cool and organic berry smoothies topped with flash frozen mint leaves is lovely, the fact that much of our community can't access these things due to various barriers is not very awesome. Our goal is to play our part in addressing the disparity in food choices between neighbors old and new.

We All Eat sees a pay-it-forward food concept installed in the restaurant. While a patron can choose to purchase a meal or item for a future hungry stranger, indicated by magnetic hearts the wall with the donated item or value listed, we also hope to stimulate participation by offering kind-hearted neighbors tangible items in return for their financial support for our concept.

The plan sees a 4'x 8' space on the wall above the cash register transformed into a display for locally made items. The items are things proven to sell at a high margin. They will be manufactured in a separate part of the restaurant building by local youth brought on through the Bloomfield Garfield Corp. 50% of every sale supports subsidizing wholesome, nourishing food for local youth and working parents subsiding below poverty level. 50% goes to the makers, artists, and youth producing the merchandise (and being fed).

Everyone eats. That's awesome.

Ֆինանսավորված Pittsburgh, PA կողմից (April 2019)