Roadkill Gallery

Roadkill Gallery is a space focused on accessibility; four walls on wheels housed in a 20' box-truck built to promote collaboration, performance, and arts education throughout the greater Pittsburgh area. This experimental space offers a versatile platform for local artists to exhibit their work and a unique way for the public to engage with it. The gallery’s mobility allows artists to reach new audiences as well as bringing art to a broader range of demographics across Pittsburgh. Communities thrive on art, and art thrives through communities.

The idea of a mobile gallery came about while working on .5 Gallery, a creative space in Etna built from the ground up with my childhood friend, James Olson. We wanted to open a creative space in our neighborhood, and in doing so spread our passion for the arts throughout our community. While successful, I came to realize how isolated each Pittsburgh neighborhood can be. This, coupled with a general lack of affordable and convenient transportation options, severely limits how and when people access the arts. Moreover, in cases where people don't lack the means of getting from a to b, they often lack the motivation.

My goal is to use Roadkill Gallery to help address these issues. This space will go around to surrounding neighborhoods to bring art to their communities. The main challenges surrounding Roadkill are similar to other Pittsburgh galleries- getting those interested in art who were not previously. With Roadkill Gallery’s accessibility, are also able to provide a further opportunity to partner with other local businesses such as cafes, breweries, libraries etc to develop a wider network of support. Connecting with High Schools and being part of their art program also is a way to influence and interact with a younger generation of aspiring artists. In doing so, we are able to work together and build our community.

Ֆինանսավորված Pittsburgh, PA կողմից (February 2019)