Penrith Rainbow Families Playgroup

I founded and run Western Sydney’s first LGBTQI+ Playgroup! I’ve always felt that the Western Suburbs lacked support and services for the LGBTQI+ community so I contacted the local council to try and make positive changes but was unsuccessful. I discovered the organisation Rainbow Families and joined their local monthly catch up group straight away. I felt that Penrith could also benefit from a weekly playgroup, at a permanent location that would offer support and information to families.

I have attended different playgroups over the years and I was always worried of judgment of myself and of how I started my family, so I never returned. I wanted to connect with other families similar to mine and to be able to discuss issues we face and to share experiences and ideas.

I found an awesome venue with a great indoor area, kitchen, playground, baby change room and in a location that would suit families living in the Blue Mountains and in the Penrith area. I sourced toys for the group from a local closing Playgroup.

Our playgroup is welcoming and friendly. Its heaps of fun and really stress-free for parents as we have a laid-back approach at activities. There are toys, books, puzzles, dress-ups, instruments, craft and plenty of outdoor toys and ride-ons for the kids to choose from. We have an awesome playground which is a hit with all of the kids! We have a speaker to play music on and the kids can request their favourite songs! Parents usually sit on the outdoor bench and chat while we watch the kids have fun in our safe, enclosed space. I always bring along Rainbow Families resources for parents if they need information of services or support. I have developed amazing friendships in such a short amount of time.

Ֆինանսավորված Sydney կողմից (April 2019)