A Friend of Mind’s Youth Retreat

This project will take place in a span of 2 days. On day one, 30 kids will be introduced to mindfulness and yoga at a local community center. The kids will spend an hour practicing mindfulness and yoga. Afterwards, each child will spend at least 30 minutes journaling and speaking to staff about their experiences. Snacks will be provided on day one. On day two, those who participated in day one will take a field trip to the McWane Center. The kids will explore four floors of hands-on science exhibits and visit the only IMAX theater in Birmingham. Day two will serve as an educational workshop and piece of gratitude to participating youth. There will be 5 chaperones to accompany the kids on day two. A Chick-Fil-A boxed lunch will be provided to the kids and chaperones. Oak Tree Ministries and Tom Brown Village has agreed to transport the youth to and from the McWane center for a small donation, if A Friend of Mind is awarded this grant and sponsors the items specified.

Ֆինանսավորված Birmingham, AL կողմից (October 2018)