Embracing the Blues

I have formed a band called “Hatrick“. The members are almost all mature-aged people who have overcome mental illness, poverty and homelessness to become a successful blues/rock band. There are currently 5 members in the band.
We are currently employed as resident musicians at the Port Dock hotel in Port Adelaide. The hotel recently closed for renovations.
My aim is to expand the membership of the group and secure regular employment across metropolitan and country areas for the survivors of mental illness.
Music is known to have a positive impact on mental health. Music plays a major part in most peoples lives. It provides a power tool that can help us to feel positive and strong. Making music together is a great way for people to feel connected. Songs can remind us of good times as well as motivate and inspire us.
The members of “Hatrick” have purchased their instruments and achieved a close to professional standard in their performance.
I am currently borrowing a PA system from friends. In order to expand and maintain our professional standard I need to have a good quality PA system which is always available to the “Hatrick“ Band.

Ֆինանսավորված Adelaide կողմից (September 2018)