Glowing Garden

The open space in front of San Jose Repertory Theatre at the Paseo De San Antonio Walk has always been underused. It is at a great location surrounded by a flower shop, Starbucks, Camera 12, Whispers Cafe, transit stops, and several other cafes, shops, and restaurants. However, there is only one long curb seating that normally does not generate any social activities/interactions in the area. "Glowing Garden" is an easy but awesome placemaking that will encourage people to linger as well as create a safer environment downtown using eco-friendly glowing light materials. The project includes a terrarium coffee table decorated with glowing pebbles/stones and plants inside, garden chairs around the table, and distributed glowing star stickers on the floor around the table and chairs. All glowing materials will be activated by natural sunlight during the day and the powder contained within them will produce a radiant that glows over several hours in the dark. The "Glowing Garden" will look totally different transforming from a normal garden during daytime into a glowing garden at nighttime!

Here are some references of the terrarium coffee table:

Financé par San Jose, CA (October 2016)