Everybody loves playing outside. FigureRunning is a new sport that encourages you to get creative, go outside and discover new places while running and getting fit. The competition is not about your running speed or distance, it’s all about drawing. Become a master in the art of FigureRunning. Do it when and wherever you want and be sure to share your art with your friends. The world is our canvas and you are the pencil!

FigureRunning iPhone app
We want to make FigureRunning big, very big, Olympics 2016 big. Sometimes the technology seems to be a hurdle when motivating people to start running art. The growth of our movement is hampered by the complexity. To make the sport accessible to a wider audience, we have recently launched a mobile application.

The iPhone app is based on GPS (Global Positioning System) technology, enabling your mobile phone to track your position. While you are running a line is drawn on your screen. The app is designed using game principles and mechanics to make the actual running more fun. We like to say that we are developing the Photoshop for running. And when your art is finished easy sharing with your networks is facilitated.

How I got this far
After running figures for a year I found 2 very inspiring people (@leolovestwtr & @jankroon) who, just like me, were willing to invest time into building great stuff. We didn't have a budget and didn't have time really, but we pulled it off and released our first iPhone app August 27 2011. So far we have had a very exciting journey of designing, developing and promoting a new sport that motivates people to work out in a new way, by using affordable sensorbased technology. Receiving great pieces of running art from people around the world, being featured in a broad spectrum of media and getting motivating endorsements from initiatives like PSFK and Quantified Self Labs.

Financé par Berlin (October 2011)

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