Library-in-a-Box (LIB)

LIB is ideally a community initiative that is aimed at providing the students at the under-served Ndiini Primary School with a functional library. This school lies in the outskirts of Kahawa Sukari, a middle class suburb and is the only public entity in the area. It caters for children in the surrounding underprivileged communities.

As it is, they have no physical library, neither do they have an extra room that can serve as a library. Therefore, we will affix a lockable metal box in each class to serve as a mini-library and thereafter stock it with grade appropriate books.

We are engaging the community to donate all their old, no longer used recreational readers or alternatively sponsor a book to help us reach our target of 1000 books.

We plan and hope to commission the Library in a Box on September 4th 2015 as a surprise for when the kids open school for their final term. We are working with the Headteacher of the school as well as the teaching fraternity to realize this and they have promised (and are excited) to re-institute the un-used Library time back into the weekly lesson curriculum.

Financé par Nairobi (July 2015)