Vintage Horsebox conversion to mobile circus stage

I have invested my inheritance in a beautiful vintage Horse lorry (Rosie), and am converting it into a mobile project vehicle/carnival lorry/sleeping quarters (for the volunteers when on the road)/and tip of the hat to the travelling circus's and gypsy tradition's. The best part of the whole thing, is the stage on the back. Currently we have a ramp that with some work and planning will become a fully functioning stage and performance space. With red curtains, fold out decorations,think Willy Wonker meets Dr Pernassus meets the medicine show. The outside of the van is going to be painted by two friends of the seagulls who are professional film set designers and large scale painters. They will do it for free I just need to cover the materials, the insie has been designed by a highly qualified architectural designer. She had done it for free,i just need to pay for the materials. The carpentry will be carried out by myself and my friend who is a professional woodworker,I just need to pay for the materials.
The difference this will make to our projects in Romania is imeasurable. The kids and communities we visit are so outcast,and fogotten that self esteem is almost more dangerous than poverty! When we arrive each year the impact is undeniable. Such brilliant happiness (both ours and theirs). If we can carry out the work successfully on our old truck Rosie, they are going to have something so magical, and special, that the impression (especially on the imaginations of the kids, who are tragically under-stimulated), will last a lifetime.

Financé par London (June 2011)