Love is Love

Artist Corie Mattie aka "LA Hope Dealer" resided for several years in Thornton Park. It was during this time that Corie began questioning her sexuality and in this community and during those times, she felt safe to do so. Embracing her hew new-found confidence of who she was and coming out as a Lesbian she then moved out to LA and became a successful street artist.

Since than the political climate regarding one's freedom of choice in their own sexuality has changed for the worse. Corie watching from afar felt helpless and enraged that this city that she once felt so safe in to discover who she was, no longer felt safe to others going through the same journey.
Reaching out through a mutual friend to one of our Board Members, Corie introduced herself and said she needed to do something to make her voice heard, and to give courage to others who may be feeling fear to show their true selves in our city. Corie flew herself out, paid for all her expenses and painted the first mural on the side of The 808 building. The mural is in a 1950's style which represents that we are unfortunately going back to more restrictive times.

We are having Corie come back to Orlando and finish with the second mural that will continue in the same style with a straight couple in the middle and two same sex couples on either side. We are hoping that this mural will bring hope and unity to the community and perhaps courage to those who see it to show the world their true selves.

Financé par Orlando, FL (August 2023)