Spontaneous Wacky Inflatable Tubemen Dance Party

ABOUT THE PROJECT: Not sure about you, but whenever I see those giant wacky inflatable waver guys (the ones with the fans that flop and sway) they make me happy and smile in an otherwise regular day. And right now we could all use some spontaneous reasons to smile.

The idea is simple, a collection of wacky wavers varying in height and color, able to be deployed quickly for spontaneous silliness around Rochester. Their travels will be tracked via social media with folks snapping selfies or pics with the wacky wavers and #shareawave hashtag. (Even during covid a wave is a safe way to stay connected!)

The wavers will appear only for one day each week in any particular location, as to make them not lose the joy of their spontaneous nature, and reduce the likelihood of accidental surface contamination for shared materials.

Rather than appear outside of a retail establishment, they will travel to neighborhoods, public spaces, events and other unexpected locations where they will inspire smiles. They will be hosted by individuals who promise to care for them as a guest, and in doing so they will be featured as the host for the day.

The world is a bit different than usual today and we believe a good smile can go a long way. We applaud the projects efforts to bring happiness and spontaneity to Rochester and look forward to more projects doing the same.

Financé par Rochester, NY (August 2020)