Redlining Rochester: all ages zine comic

We want to create a simple accessible comic zine that illustrates the disparate experiences that a white family compared to a black family had when trying to purchase a home in Rochester during the 30s-60s.

We want this zine to be spread all around town but to be particularly utilized by teachers using the curriculum on redlining, civil rights, and activism that Shane has developed and is spreading through county school districts. It will also be used as a jumping off point for kids to write their own comics about civil rights and housing in Rochester as well as a jumping for more community organizing around housing segregation across greater Rochester. In Rochester and in the U.S. individual and especially structural racism are still significant issues that have led to huge disparities in income, wealth, and health. Federal and local policies from the 1930s-60s laid the foundation for NY being the most segregated state in the country by race. In order to ameliorate these issues we have to understand how they came to be.

Financé par Rochester, NY (August 2019)