4th Ave pop up

Pop-up peformance/local artist/small-scale entrepreneur spaces in downtown Anchorage. These pop-ups could be small performances(the space is under 500SqFt), week long shops for emerging local businesses(we already have our eyes on a new Anchorage based chocolatier and a young fiber artist making hand sewn canvas bike bags), or installations, among many other possibilities. We are looking into curating a temporary local artist book, zine and comic shop, setting the cabin up as an interview space collecting first memories, and doing some sort of live video exchange with a couple spaces out of state.

Our first step will be getting a group of advisors together and reaching out to various cultural producers and art communities in the city to help diversify the participants. The Alaska awesome foundation probably knows some people we should be talking to during this programming phase. While we will make a plan for major programing, we will also be open to more spontaneous events resulting from the enthusiasm of people attending programming.

Financé par Alaska (December 2018)