Kaleidoscope Venue For The Arts Live Channel

The project is to create a Live Streaming Channel through Twitch.TV's Creative Platform. Twitch.TV is owned by Amazon.com and is branching out to include channels for Creatives, growing a network similar to YouTube but providing more opportunities to generate income.

The goal is to create segments featuring Artist Interviews, Live Painting and Live Streaming of Art Shows to bring a broader audience to the artists in Central Florida, especially those who are participating in shows at Kaleidoscope Venue For The Arts.

The Channel would also help support the gallery through 4 features:
-Art Sales through the Chat Room
-Sponsors and
-'Tipping'- watchers in the chat room can purchase 'bits' and use them to 'tip' during a segment to show support for the segment or the artist. This allows watchers to show support, even if they don't want to commit to purchasing a painting or commit to a monthly subscription. All these features are handled through the Twitch.TV platform.

The Channel would provide a pathway for the artists to reach a local, national and international audience, live. Artists can interact with the audience in the chat room, allowing people to comment on their work, offer to buy the work or ask questions that the artist can answer in real time.
As the audience grows, this will allow the art show and the artists involved to reach many more people than a traditional art show, because people don't have to actually attend, just simply tune in.

Kaleidoscope Venue For The Arts hosts art shows every week, with different themes and one a month with an all inclusive theme. This format allows for a minimum of a weekly broadcast to present the artists of the Central Florida area to anyone who has internet access.

Financé par Orlando, FL (September 2018)