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About Us

The San Antonio, TX chapter of The Awesome Foundation was formed in May 2012 and began awarding $1,000 grants every month in October 2012. We accept applications on a rolling bases but celebrate awesomeness every month. “Deadlines” for applications are on the last day of each month at 5 p.m. We host monthly parties at local venues and invite our top three finalists to present their idea or project and then we declare a winner. We encourage all applicants to reapply each month if they do not win on their first try.

Have Questions?

You can always email us at Keep SA awesome!

What counts as awesome?

The Awesome Foundation forwards the interest of awesome $1,000 at a time. But what does this mean? We’re looking for ideas or projects that stand out from the crowd. Things that provoke awe and wonder within the community and bring it together. Check out our past winners above for examples. We also think things like Luminaria, Something Monday Social Bike Rides and public art pieces are pretty awesome.

APRIL: The Month of Travis Park

We’re dedicating the month of April to Travis Park and are asking all applicants to come up with ideas or projects that would make it more awesome. This means all application submitted in April must be geared towards Travis Park.

Not sure where to start? There will be a Grand Opening of the park on Monday, March 31, 2014. Join us and see what Travis Park has to offer and if you think you can add something awesome to the park, apply for an AwesomeSA grant. We’ll be there to answer any questions. The submission period for these awesome applications will be April 1st through April 30th at 5 p.m. (yes, wait to submit that awesome idea until April 1st!)

Worried about grant writing? Don’t be! Our application is no more than 10 simple questions. Need a place to start? We heard Travis Park could really use a bike rack, but an awesome one!


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