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About Us

ATTENTION DC YOUTH UNDER 18: Get $1,000 for awesome ideas with our special call for summer grants

The Awesome Foundation invites DC youth under 18 to use their creative ideas to MAKE the DISTRICT AWESOME! The DC chapter is seeking awesome grant applications for awesome ideas that need $1,000 of funding to get off the ground, such as:

  • How would you spend $1,000 to benefit your school, your community, or your neighborhood?
  • Do you have a blue print of an invention and need funding to 3D print or buy materials?
  • Have a project or event that could use additional funding to celebrate a local cause or others?
Apply for the $1,000 July grant and use the keyword "U18" in your title for this special grant -- applications are open now and due by July 22.

Back to your regularly scheduled DC awesomeness...

Interested in applying for a $1,000 grant?

The local DC chapter of the Awesome Foundation uses the following four criteria for funding awesome community, arts and culture projects helping the DC area:

  • #1 - Is it awesome? (Is it unique? Interesting? Impactful? There's all sorts of types of awesome.)
  • #2 - Does it directly benefit the DC area? (We put heavy weight on supporting our tiny city/state and the awesomeness within. Fyi, there are Awesome North Virginia and Baltimore chapters, so if your project is focused on those regions you might consider applying there.)
  • #3 - Will $1,000 make an actual impact? (Some organizations are super-well funded so we focus on helping the little guys and girls and tend to fund small but mighty projects that $1,000 will actually make a difference.)
  • #4 - Is it immediately actionable? (Similar to the actual impact, we heavily prefer projects that are a month or two away, so that the money can create immediate awesome impact in the community. If your project is a year away, wait to apply for a better chance at getting the grant.)

Have a project that meets those 4 criteria? Apply now! We award grants every month!

Background Information, Grant & Trustee Guides and Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Awesome DC Grant Applicant Guide, Pro Tips & FAQ
  • Awesome DC Trustee Guide & FAQ
  • Tax Deductible Donation Guide & FAQ
  • Awesome Foundation DC Press Information
  • Have a question or is something missing in these guides? Email awesomefoundationdc [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Love what we are doing and want to support it with a donation?

    • Buy some Awesome DC gear
    • We take anonymous donations to help fund our projects: Check or tax-deductible donations: Contact AwesomeFoundationDC [at] gmail [dot] com for a mailing address to send your check
    • Venmo: Send funds to alexandra.dickinson [at] gmail [dot] com
    • Paypal: Send funds to alexandra.dickinson [at] gmail [dot] com

    • Connect with us on social media to learn more about grant deadlines, awards & Awesome projects in DC:

      Background info on The Awesome Foundation & the DC chapter:

      The Awesome Foundation is an international organization with hundred of chapters around the world helping fund community, culture and arts projects that make the world more awesome and unique. Awesome Foundation chapters around the world combined have funded more than $1.7 million in grants through 78 chapters in 18 countries.

      Founded first in Boston in 2009, each Awesome Foundation local chapter distributes monthly $1,000 microgrants, no strings attached, to projects and creators. At each fully autonomous and local chapter, the money is pooled together from the coffers of ten or so self-organizing “Trustees” and given in cash to the grant winner each month.

      The DC Chapter of the Awesome Foundation was founded in 2010 and has given more than $40,000 to the local community for awesome projects. We pick our monthly grant winners usually at the end of each month and notify all applicants after the selection has been made.

      Diversity & Inclusion:

      The trustees of the Awesome Foundation DC are committed to supporting and embracing the diversity of the vibrant DC community. We acknowledge we are not as diverse as we should be to represent DC at the moment and we are seeking new, diverse Full Time Trustees that can commit and contribute to the group. If you or someone you know is interested, please read more about the Trustee experience and different roles and contact us at awesomefoundationdc [at] gmail [dot] com.

      We also seek to fund diverse grant proposals and try to fund different projects that will affect large groups from different communities and spread awesome experiences to the diverse populous of Washington D.C. We try to not fund too many of any of the same type of event (for instance, community gardens or several book proposals, etc.) and are working to seek out and identify new grant opportunities in all of DC’s wards. For more grant applicant advice, please see our guide.

      Behind the Scene Trustees:

      Special thanks to: Shana Glickfield, Partner at The Beekeeper Group and former Co-Dean of Awesome DC for helping as our pioneering first "Behind the Scenes Trustee" sponsorship.
      Are you interested in helping support Awesome DC as a Behind the Scenes Trustee? Learn more in the Trustee guide or contact us at awesomefoundationdc [at] gmail [dot] com.

      DC Chapter Shout Outs:

      We'd like to send out a special thank you to Bonnie Shaw, our chapter founder and founding Dean, and Shana Glickfield, our most recent former Dean. Also, thanks go to recent past trustees and contributors for their awesome service! We continue to fund and celebrate awesomeness following their example:

      • Alex Barth
      • Rob Bole
      • Todd Bowers
      • Claire Corbett
      • Peter Corbett
      • Mark Drapeau
      • Whitney Fisler
      • Garlin Gilchrest
      • Shana Glickfield
      • Danny Harris
      • Alex Howard
      • Philippa Hughes
      • Gene Keselman
      • Jon Long
      • Miriam Magdieli
      • Adam Martin
      • Caroline Martin
      • Laurenellen McCann
      • Sean McDonald
      • Erik Moe
      • Amy Morse
      • Ellen Miller
      • Eric Mill
      • Barbara Mullinex
      • Andrew Stroup
      • Frank Tobia
      • Kevin Webb
      • Erica Williams

Meet the Trustees