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About Us

Hi World! We are the San Francisco chapter.

Announcing: Special grant!

In addition to our usual $1000 grant we offer $2000 (anonymous donation) to support safety DIY work at collective, arts & creative spaces in the Bay Area. Apply by December 31.

Please read the 2nd half of this text for the full description of this special grant.

And as for our usual monthly grant:

Those ⤴ are the projects we've funded. Scroll through the image strip!

We want to fund projects in the greater Bay Area that delight people and spark discussion. We also like projects that attempt something important done in ways others haven't tried lately. We fund beginners, small projects and experimenters more readily than most other grant-makers can. (Will $1,000 make a big difference for your project?)

Read this page carefully, then read it again just before you apply.

When you apply, make it brief and describe a specific idea. We'll decide about funding based on your idea.

You've got a dream or scheme. Brainstorm, clarify it, hone it, consider ripple effects. Think about your community or about the wider public. Think unusual, playful, ambitious, inspirational.

How awesome is it? (When you explain it to new people, do they respond with a delighted little dance?)

We have flexible guidelines: You may apply if you think we're a match. We suggest that before you apply you get a feel for us through the image-strip, above. It shows projects we've funded. Click on the images to read the descriptions.

Your creative ambition, the spirit of it, that's what we most love knowing. Your inspired self will be great at making your point, regardless of credentials, vetted plans or organizational backing. We're people, not some stuffy foundation. You can even ask us questions or advice. Contact us a while before the deadline at with your inquiries.

Proposals are due the last day of each month. The grant is awarded during the following month. For instance, whether you apply May 2nd or 28th, you will be informed at the very latest by June 30th.

Sadly, we can't fund all the awesomeness.

We have limited funds. We give about twelve grants per year and generally $1,000 per month. If we don't fund your proposal, it's not a rejection. Every month we see new methods proposed, cleverly advancing awesome in the universe and even explained brilliantly by the likes of you, that nevertheless have to be implemented without our microgrant. Sigh.

We really want your awesome project to get funded, by us or by someone! We do look back at runners-up from previous months. But to guarantee it, you may apply again. You're encouraged to make changes after knowing our feedback. Ask us while you contemplate your second round. Or your first.

Thank you for your awesome passion!

If you like, you may follow us on social media (icons above) for news, events, and projects happening here in the Bay Area. We also have a friends-of email discussion list.

———— Announcing: SPECIAL GRANT § Apply by December 31, 2016. Decision will be January 2017.————

DIY grant for collective, arts & creative spaces with safety concerns

This grant is in conjunction with other efforts responding to the horrible and deadly fire at a collective art space here in Oakland, and the safety issues with all-too-common substandard facilities. We can’t depend on laws, landlords, master tenants and blind luck.

Local? Apply! We will not disclose your existence. There is no paper work in this grant. The recipient will get cash. Simple.

The grant is $2000, using the easy application form (Apply link in the upper right corner). The recipient will be decided at SF's January meeting.

What we face In the SF Bay Area, the safety issue is mostly from absent or opportunistic owners and master tenants ignoring or cutting corners on safety. They aren’t addressed because of a troubled and underfunded inspection system, plus an unprecedented housing crisis—an extreme shortage of places for nonwealthy creative people to live and work. People leap at anything they can afford. We don’t want that to mean more unsafe spaces becoming death traps.

Furthermore, and sadly, inspection often means homelessness for the people who had built the community because inspection routines don’t trigger real solutions, just punishments and compliance protocols. Arrgh! Please change this.

How the grant process works (all grants) Applicants do not need to be tax-emempt or have any official status. We will not disclose applicant info to any authorities, period. (Some groups have been hesitant to reach out for assistance because it could expose them to the evictions and other unsupportive reactions that have already begun to take place.)

SUMMARY In January, the Awesome Foundation (SF Chapter) will offer two grants. 1) $2000 grant to help make your creative or collective Bay Area space safe and sound. 2) $1000 grant using our usual criteria (see past recipients) or wow us with new ideas! (Political ideas also welcome in these strange times.)

Application Deadline December 31, 2016.

Thank you for helping make a more awesome world!

Joel Pomerantz San Francisco 5th Dean of Awesome

Meet the Trustees