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About Us

We love turning awesome thoughts into awesome deeds in this awesome city of ours*.

Like the other chapters, every month we award a $1,000 no-strings-attached grant to the most awesome application**.

Previous recipients of an Awesome Foundation Sydney grant include: a project to develop the world’s smallest patch synthesizer, the Green Bans Art Walk, the Oxford Street Design Store and Exhibition, pop up ping pong in inner Sydney, hula hoop classes and Physique, a weekly 80s themed aerobics night.

*Applications which focus on making Sydney a more awesome place are our favourite kind, please keep that it mind!

**Applications close on the last day of every month. We then meet on the second Wednesday to award our grant recipient, considering the previous month's applications. We're taking a break this December and January so if you submit an application during this time it will be considered in the March round.

Meet the Trustees