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Apply For a Grant

About Us

We're all into one thing; seeing good ideas go far.

Overview: Applications are open to all awesome projects, we are an active chapter which awards a $1000 grant on the last Tuesday of each month (Applications close 12pm on the last Tuesday).

  • Winners will be phoned within 3 business days of the last Tuesday of each month.
  • Unsuccessful applicants will not receive feedback on their submissions or be notified of the outcome (We are volunteers and simply do not have the capacity, sorry)
  • You are welcome to re-submit the same or a different project at any time.
  • For the best chance of success please read and follow the guidelines

Please read the information below to give you application the best chance of success.

We love:

  • Innovative, exciting and unusual ideas

  • Ideas that clearly explain where the money will be spent (*Hint 'marketing' isn't specific enough)

  • Ideas that have the potential to go far (check out past grant recipients for inspiration)

  • Ideas filled with passion and purpose

  • Projects where the grant is a catalyst kickstart something awesome

We are not so keen on:

  • Funding rent or living expenses

  • Funding marketing for existing projects

  • Funding travel expenses

  • Proposals that are not clear what the impact would be of the grant

Bonus hint: Arguably the most important question is 'How will you use the money?' make sure you take some time to be really clear and specific about what the grant would be spent on and what that would achieve.

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