Pittsburgh Light Disco

This project idea is inspired by the Cell Phone Disco in Tito Way, The Seattle Piggy Bank project and the weather notification light on top of the Gulf Building in Downtown Pittsburgh.

I propose an animated Pittsburgh themed Marquee-type art installation or billboard to be placed in the cultural district that has the compability to accept donations via mobile or loose change. When a donation is recieved the art installation or Marquee will light up and display a thank you, fantasic symphony( or move depending on the design) to note the donation. Each time someone donates the display will mark it in a celebration. This effects could be similar to the Cell Phone Disco art installation in Tito Way or the iconic weather notification on top of the Gulf Tower--both are visually appealing and uniquely iconic.

I propose that each month the donations go to a particular type of organization on a rotating basis; for example, Earth Day is in April so April donations could be given to environmental organizations. I would want the donations to be divided amongst many Pittsburgh non-profits because they all contribute to the community in certain ways. I believe a small advisory board to help manage incoming funds and decide who recieves the funds(most likely via RFP application and project goals) would be an easy feat.

For the art installation and management of the project, I would collaborate with the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust and Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership because of their experience and interest in art installations as well as their interest in doing a project simuliar to the Seattle Piggy Bank Project. Both the Cultural Trust and Downtown Partnership are committed to creating a vibrant and awesome Pittsburgh as well as creating solidarity between organizations through collaboration.

I think this would be another great way to pull together the wonderful Pittsburgh community.This project defines awesomeness and connectiveness; a Light disco for non-profits is an amazing way to connect the city. This project is sustainable and once the installation is installed, the goal of the project will continue.

Ֆինանսավորված Pittsburgh, PA կողմից (May 2012)