Scotties Gym (Boxing & Community)


Right so, I’ve been getting told by so many people how much you guys can help me & typically I haven’t found the time!

I run a Boxing & Community gym (Scotties Gym) on Farriers Way Industrial Estate, Bootle, L30 4XL specialising in private coaching for individuals & groups of athletes & non athletes, ladies & gents, adults & youths.

I train, motivate, coach & inspire such a diverse group from amateur boxers, professional boxers, individuals with disabilities, I am also trying to grow a ‘Kid Gloves’ class for children of all ages I suppose but mainly 5-14!
I have never received any help or funding from anyone & equipped the facility & bought all equipment myself.

Could you please advise me if there is anyway you can help me & what you would want me to do next please?

Ofcourse I need to make a living for my family & I but I know I also give so much, working for free or as little as possible a lot of hours per week!.

I have been open 1 year on the 3rd January! 🎂☺️

Scottie 🥊

Ֆինանսավորված Liverpool կողմից (March 2018)