EARTHCARE Eco Kids meet on weekends, learn about issues then go on a FUN field trip to reinforce the issue of the day.

We are proud to boast that 85% of our students and volunteers are female.We really want to continue this exciting program. Many of our female students have gone on to become environmental professionals coming home after college to assist with conservation efforts in the Bahamas.
EARTHCARE is an environmental education NGO (non-governmental organization) that works on current environmental issues facing the nation of the Bahamas and the World. Members visit schools to inform students and teachers about issues affecting the environment. Our mission is to empower students and teachers to get involved and be proactive with their voice. We encourage them to write to the Government of The Bahamas and express their views on current environmental issues. Specific topics that we constantly cover include Pollution, Climate Change, Habitat Destruction, Sustainable Fisheries, Humane Treatment of Animals, Invasive Species among others.

Our goal is to continue our environmental education efforts teaching about issues such as habitat loss, invasive species, coastal management, pollution, unsustainable fishing methods and various aspects of biology, physics and chemistry that are seen in the Bahamian natural environment. The EARTHCARE Environmental Education program teaches students about the value of mangroves as well as, ground, air and water pollution, about Habitat Destruction, about Sustainable Fisheries, and Humane Treatment of Animals among others with field trips on the Glassbottom Boat, to the Lucayan National Park, the Pine Ridge Landfill, the Industrial Area of Grand Bahama, Paradise Cove where they are able to snorkel on the largest Reef Ball installation in the country, to name a few.

EARTHCARE Eco Kids had funding for the past 3 years but not for 2017/2018 so we are hoping that Awesome Without Borders can help us.

Ֆինանսավորված Awesome Without Borders կողմից (February 2018)