girlfx presents: Tea Time

Tea Time is an after hours party alternative focused on music, tea, and community, hosted by creative collective girlFx. Tea Time shifts the nightlife emphasis from consuming alcohol to building relationships with one another, celebrating the arts with a glimpse into the technology that creates it. Tea time will take place at Dobra Tea, a bohemian-style tearoom located in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh. This space provides open-format cushioned seating, encouraging conversation and interaction with your neighbors.

GirlFx will transform this daytime hangout into an after-hours venue featuring live and DJed ambient, atmospheric, and experimental electronic music in a relaxing environment. GirlFx would like to host this event 4-6 times annually. The price of admission will include different teas in the traditional Gong fu cha style and light fare, such as locally-made hummus and pita.

Tea Time is a concept that first developed in Madison, WI in 2012, when a tea shop continued a monthly park party inside its doors. The Madison event coordinators provided a welcoming atmosphere described as, “resonant beats to move your body and heal your soul.” With Tea Time, guests will be able to steep in the music, much like leaves in their tea, becoming revived and engaged in the night.

Tea Time is a place to slow down and to reconnect with the self and others; a chance to delight the senses and to open up with fellow Pittsburghers. The goal of Tea Time is to provide a social experience not bound to consuming alcohol, but one that will help to cultivate a sense of welcoming and community. It is also a platform for sonic artists to share their craft and love of music with an audience. This type of event has not been offered in Pittsburgh before, yet people of all walks of life are delighted and interested in this non-traditional after-hours event.

Ֆինանսավորված Pittsburgh, PA կողմից (November 2017)