Keep Madrid's Pets Healthy

As a small animal mobile veterinarian I have been servicing rural Santa Fe County between Santa Fe and Albuquerque for over 10 years. My services include: vaccinations, dog and cat castrations, light sedation for dental cleaning, wound repairs, hospice care for sick and elderly animals, in home euthanasia, general health exams and education on animal health and welfare.

I currently offer low cost visits, examinations, medications, vaccines and minor surgeries to many rural people in my community that might otherwise be inclined to neglect their animals due to financial restraint.

I would like to continue to be able to provide every pet owner with an affordable treatment program for their animals and have the ability to complete a satisfactory treatment plan for low income families.

I intend to offer discounted services through the use of vouchers for medications, vaccinations, oral care cleaning and products, castrations and minor surgeries such as wound repairs. I would like to propose that I have 50 vouchers of a $20 value to be available over a one year period. A $20 voucher for example, would cover the cost of antibiotics for a cat or dog wound treatment, a vaccine for a cat or dog, a discount on a castration surgery or dental cleaning, or a general health exam.

Ֆինանսավորված Santa Fe, NM կողմից (October 2017)

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